East Restorations

restoration work and the manufacture of obsolete vintage motorcycle components

The Beginnings: The first stirrings of passion for O.H.C. engined motorcycles occurred in 1961 on a acquiring a dismantled 1931 Ariel Square Four.

My apprecenticeship in a local medium/heavy engineering company which commenced on the shop floor, going through all aspects of manufacture, terminating in the drawing office held me in good stead when commencing business in 1982.

The contacts made in those early years and equipment purchased from those factories formed the basis to offer the in-depth services, inherent in the restoration field.

Compromise is not a word that we recognize here: all work is carried out as per makers’ factory specification or to an ‘improved’ standard with the inclusion of advanced seals or materials to better oil retention and general longevity!

 What do we undertake?

Primarily, we restore and manufacture parts for motorcycles from the early years of 1904 to present day. Over the years, hundreds of commissions have been made not only for the private sector but museums, famous collections, local authorities and the National Trust. Many of these have had little or no connection with motorcycles, but the work and resulting standards have been the same. theatre props: antique furniture and metalwork: cast-iron display signs and garden furniture: acetylene, oil and candle lanterns, to name a few!

 What services are offered?

We will undertake total restorations or produce components for other owners.

Processes and services ‘in house’ include pattern making, machining, fabrication, blast cleaning, stove-enamelling, wheel lacing, polishing, argon welding and most of all, the expertise based on sound knowledge of in-depth engineering problem solving.

A draughting service is available to the more discerning owner who requires a special frame or assembly designing and prints being produced.

 Can we be trusted with your property?

We now have a customer base of over 1850 strong – many of whom have had several commissions undertaken.

Your property, if entrusted to East Restorations is insured during transit (if collected by ourselves): while in our premises, and during its return (if delivered by ourselves). Our security is of the highest standard and connected to the local Police Headquarters.

 Do we have the experience: With over 45 years’ experience in this field, covering all types of vehicle.

A list of commissions undertaken including steam: 2/3 and 4 wheel vehicles accompanies this site.

Arrangements can be made to collect machines world-wide and return by either  national carrier companies or ourselves.


Most spares new and used are available for all Velocette models from 1926-1971, together with those for Excelsior Manxman.

Most popular girder forks are constructed from new castings and taper tubes. Bentley and Draper for Velocette and Excelsior together with Webb and other makes.


East Restorations have a comprehensive library of Manuals, Parts’ lists, Magazines and Reference books from 1903 onwards. These are available to you, as a customer to assist in your restoration requirements.

A vast array of spares are held in stock for other makes, together with Amal parts, 1928 onwards Lucas, Miller, Wipac and B.T.H.

 The Future:

The range of Amal spares stock will be widened to embody most of the early TT types. Velocette frames for the early O.H.C. range, M.L. square magnetos, Miller magdynos and Terry Saddles will shortly be available.

On the Engine development front, we are installing a Heenan and Froude dynamometer. This will simplify camshaft and exhaust system testing on the new engines, presently being built.

What services are on offer:

Pattern making: Where Castings are beyond-repair and unobtainable, a Pattern is produced. Core boxes and Prints, if necessary, so that a new item may be cast. East Restorations have arrangements with five foundries to cover ferrous and non-ferrous work, including heat treatment.

Machining: Processes covered: general turning, (including complete wheel rims and brake drums): gear cutting, milling, slotting, grinding, tapping, thread reclamation etc.

Fabrication: Folding, bending, forming and press tooling with Gas, Mig and Tig welding of sheet steel. Tubular work incorporating Frame and Fork Manufacturer (see forks and frame speciality).

Blast Cleaning: A variety of mediums are employed under different pressures to give an appropriate finish and preparation for paint i.e. fine sand, copper slag and glass bead.

Phosphating: A corrosion resistant coating applied to castings prior to stove enamelling such as cast iron cylinder heads and barrels together with fastenings to give correct appearance on pre-war machines.

Stove enamelling: The only paint finish that gives everlasting colour depth, applied traditionally and baked in the ovens used for Raleigh Frames. Any colour can be applied to match the maker’s specification (as well as the usual black and silver). Many colour shades are kept as a matter of course i.e. Ducati Red/Yellow: BSA Maroon: Velocette Oxford Blue: Greeves’ Blue/Green: Francis Barnett Arden Green etc. All gold lining to petrol tanks etc is applied by hand using gold leaf with a clear lacquer coating over all to protect the lining and transfers where applicable.

Wheel Lacing: Those Wheel rims not held in stock as fitted for Velocette or Excelsior, are rolled, punched to our requirements and plated after. The spokes are usually kept in gauges from 12ga to 6g together with steel or brass nipples. If a wheel is to have stove-enamelled rim and spokes, these are done individually and assembled after to ensure no untreated surfaces.

Polishing: If a gearbox, engine casing etc is to be polished, it is blast cleaned first: linished as an assembly and polished after being hand-worked first. This is to ensure maintaining the correct casting profile and no erosion of corners.

Argon Welding: Damaged castings are regularly repaired so that the rectification work is indistinguishable from the original! Cast-iron, aluminium and bronze Cylinder Heads and Barrels are a speciality: Magnesium casings are also repaired and machined as a mater of course.